Howrse Background Template

With the change from the old background size to the new background size there is an issue with backgrounds conflicting with the game’s UI, parts of the background being chopped off by the browser’s UI and problems reading the text at the top of the page.  To this end I’ve created a .PNG template that highlights where certain elements of the game UI are and where the background gets cut-off by the top of the browser’s UI, at least in Firefox and Opera, and likely other browsers, and where the horse can actually be positioned.  The template itself should only be used as a general reference due to the background being centered on the page and moving left and right as the browser window/tab is widened or narrowed which will shift the game’s UI elements left and right over the background.

What I hope this does is allow the artists creating backgrounds to know where to put most of the work and help them design backgrounds so that the player can see most of the scene instead of having part of it chopped off.  For example, I saw one with a moon that was cut in half by the browser’s UI, and had the artist known that would happen they might have been able to avoid that by designing the background differently.  In other backgrounds the complexity of the background causes the text links at the top to be unreadable, but if the background in that area was less complex the text might be more readable.

There are two templates I’ve created, one without the UI elements marked and one with them marked.  If the one with the UI elements marked is used, the center section needs to be deleted before being merged with the layer containing the background.  The first link goes to Imageshack, and can be saved from there via right-click > “Save Image As”.  The second link goes to Mediafire, and needs to be downloaded via the link at the top because the image shown is only a preview of the image and is smaller.

EDIT:  Due to something changing with the display of newer backgrounds I’ve modified the template to reflect the backgrounds being shifted down so the top of the background is at the bottom of the browser’s UI.  At least it is in Firefox.  This isn’t the case with the older backgrounds that have been scaled up.

Background Template w/ blank center

Background Template w/ general UI element locations marked

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