Adding Sire and Dam links

Something players have wanted is a link to the Mare from the foal’s page so they can find the mare easier.  To this end I started work on a new script to add that link to the foal’s page.  However, after playing around with it, it seemed it would be even more useful to have the ability to go to the private page for either the sire and the dam of the foal, so I added a link to the sire as well.  Then, since I was adding links to the horse’s page I thought, wouldn’t it be great if the player had easy access to the public page link from the private page, and added a link for that as well.  This culminated in the following GreaseMonkey script: Add Sire/Dam/Public links

Here’s a public howrse page:

 photo publicHowrsePage.jpg

And a private howrse page:
 photo privateHowrsePage.jpg

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