Getting Howrse to use the Friesian V.3 coats

With Owlient updating the default coats as they start working on implementing visible tack I’ve found that I’m not a fan of one of the new coats, the Friesian v4 coat.  Since it’s unlikely the coat will be changed anytime soon, I’ve decided to create a GreaseMonkey script to fix this little problem for me.  What the script does is determine first if the horse is actually a Friesian, and if it has a default coat.  If it does, it adds an IMG tag with the V3 default coat for it’s species and age.  Because Owlient hasn’t deleted the v3 coats yet the script re-uses the links from the International version of Howrse.

This can be done with any of the breeds on Howrse; however, it gets really complicated with the breeds that have more than one coat as each coat has several variants (4 adult variants, and 2 foal variants).  The Friesian coats are the easiest due to only needing only 6 lines of code to swap over to one of the 6 variants.  Other breeds, like the Gypsy Vanner, which has 17 different coats would require 102 lines of code to deal with all of the the variations.

In the future I might, or might not, include changing the v4 icons to the v3 icons, but that could increase the time needed to finish running the script and might prove to be unnecessary.  It can, however, be done.  After some work on that part, it seems the breeding farms are loaded after all the scripts are run such that the icons in the breeding farms are immune to being changed at the moment.

The script is hosted on here and requires the GreaseMonkey add-on for Firefox: Friesian V.4 >> V.3 Coat Swap



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