Howrse Horse Links Updated

Previously I’d created a script that put links to the sire, dam and either the public or private page of the horse who’s page you’re visiting.  It went through a few minor and not so minor changes such as adding the sire and dam’s name, some minor bug fixes that came up due to mares being pregnant which threw the script off a bit etc, but stayed the same.  The latest change was to add an input box that added the BBCode for linking the horse on the forums.  BBCode is like HTML or Markup/down in that it’s a set of tags that format the text in the post including for posting images and links.  The Howrse forums only provides support to BBCode for posting links and images at the moment.Without Links:

Without Links


With Links:


With Links

Links to the script:

Greasy Fork: Howrse Sire/Dam/Other GreaseMonkey script

MonkeyGuts: Howrse Sire/Dam/Other GreaseMonkey script


And, yes, she has a hat.