Reserving EC boxes made easier

I run an EC with 120 boxes.  Sometimes I need to reserve a lot of boxes to me or removing the reservation, and doing so is both time consuming and annoying due to having to type in my username or copy/pasting it continually.  Since the time-consuming part is typing in my name or deleting my name I decided the task would be made easier if the game would automatically put my username or nothing in for me.  To do this I wrote a script that would run through all of the boxes on the page and find the first box that has a URL that matches your presentation’s URL and sets the reserve name to your username.  If there isn’t a box reserved to you, it sets the initial input value for the text input boxes to “”, and you’ll have to type your name.  However, after that, the script will find that box, and set all the input values for boxes not reserved to you to your username and any boxes reserved to you to blank so that when you go to change the reservation the input box that pops up will already have either your username or nothing.

Since this doesn’t automatically reserve the boxes for the player they still have to go through and click the buttons to reserve/unreserve the boxes; however, this script should alleviate some of the annoyance of reserving/unreserving a lot of boxes.

Userscripts:  Reserving EC boxes Simplified

Greasy Fork:  Reserving EC boxes Simplified

Since I only use the script on Firefox I cannot guarantee it will work on any browser other than Firefox, but it might.


Easy Cross

On Howrse International I run a cross breeding project called Proekt Haos.  In order to figure out the best pair for breeding to get the foal either one or two generations down the line I wanted, I devised a spreadsheet method of doing this.  This endeavor, however, was time-consuming due to having to constantly copy and paste the cells, connect them to the next generation etc.  So I created a spreadsheet that would do all of this for me, and all I have to do now is enter the stats of the horses in question, including the breed percentages.  What I came up with after several modifications is what I call Easy Cross, a spreadsheet that can calculate, out to 6 generations, crosses based on the starting horses including truncation of the breeding list at 5 breeds, calculating out the new percentage based on a ratio.  All you have to do is enter the horses information on the first page, and the horses names on the second page at the top where the pairings are set.  The spreadsheet will then do the rest.  The spreadsheet also includes the higher GP horses for each breed (on the International version of Howrse), so you can use the name of the breed instead of having to look it up on the game and put the information in yourself.

The spreadsheet was created with Open Office, and I’m not sure if Excel would break it or not.

There are several sheets.  The first sheet (named Horses)  is where the player can enter the data for their horses: name, GP stats, breeds, percentages.  The GP doesn’t have to be entered as the sheet will auto-calculate that once the stats and the horse’s name as entered.  Some breed names are truncated like Arabian Horse is listed as Arabian, Paint Horse as Paint.

The second sheet is Easy Cross which is where the horses are entered at the top where they should appear in the genealogy tree, and the spreadsheet will do the rest.  The names have to be the same as entered either on the Horses sheet or by breed name.  If you pick a name for two horses or that is the same as one of the breeds, this will break the spreadsheet as it uses lookup functions to find all the information being referenced and one error early will cause errors to appear later.

The third sheet is Easy Cross List which is contains all the information being referenced on the Easy Cross sheet.  This contains no user modifiable data unless they want to update the breed stats for their version of the game or the stats become outdated.  As of creating the spreadsheet initially, the stats of the breeds were the top GP horses of each breed, and, as the GP increases daily, they probably aren’t the top GP for the breeds, most likely.

The fourth sheet is just some useful information about the spreadsheet.

I’ve hosted the file on MediaFire here: Easy Cross

As it was created using Open Office, and I do not have MS Excel installed I do not know if it is compatible with MS Excel.

A couple sceenshots of the spreadsheet (linked to the full-size image on imageshack)